Thursday, December 29, 2011's me, Alice!

"The Odorous Adventures of Alice Rat" is a funny little children's book starring none other than me....Alice Rat. Ok, Tom Rat is in the story too but, whatever!! When I was little, my uncle changed my name to Alice Rat. Hmmmm, that wasn't very nice since my name was Denise. What's a rat to do? Well, I changed his name from Uncle Jack to Tom Rat. That should have fixed everything, but noooooooo. That was just the beginning. I spent my entire childhood trying to ditch him. He was very annoying and the only thing he was good at was cutting the cheese......and teasing me!!!!! I got tired of hiding under my bed when he came to visit so in my spare time I plotted revenge. Check out my youtube Alice Rat trailer.....there is evidence of some of his evil pranks right there in the video!! There's plenty more in my book. Maybe writing this book was the ultimate the whole world knows he is the stinkiest cheese cutter on the planet!!!

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